Garden Watering Equipment

Explore our premium collection of garden watering tools, including spray guns, sprinkler systems, threaded tap connectors and hose pipes of varying lengths.
Make connecting your hose pipes easy and reliable with our selection of hose accessories, including connector sets, fitting kits and extension joints.
Browse our collection of garden watering tools and give your outdoor space the splash of water it has been calling out for.

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Discover Why our Hose Reels are a Must-Have for Garden Watering
Our garden watering products include hose trolleys for easy movements, hose reels for tidy pipe storage and classic hoses for your general watering needs. Choose our innovative compact hose trolleys for easier watering in the garden. With wheels and a raised handlebar, you can manoeuvre your hose with ease around small or large gardens.

Our hose reels and trolleys come with advanced angled hoses, which prevent kinking and offer more comfort to those with reduced mobility. Height-adjustable handlebars make storage compact and promote better protection from injury.

Explore All You Need to Keep Your Garden Healthy

It is no secret that ensuring your garden gets water regularly is vital in keeping it living and healthy. Here at Harts Furniture, we’re proud to be able to offer you a variety of ways to keep your lawn green and luscious, as well as those flowerbeds.

With a range of different garden spray guns and tap attachments, it has never been easier to maintain your garden.

Improve your Garden’s Appearance with Rattan Garden Furniture

Another way of bringing your garden to life, other than keeping it well maintained, is through high-quality garden furniture. Our range of rattan garden furniture is made up of some of the best outdoor furniture to act as the focal point of your garden. Whether you’re after a corner sofa, dining set or even a hammock, we have the garden furniture to suit your space.

Find Out More About Our Garden Watering Equipment Range Today

Find out more about our garden watering options when you get in touch with us. Our team possesses years of experience and would be happy to help you with your query.

Looking for inspiration on how to take care of your garden? Visit the Harts Furniture Blog, here you can find all the latest care guides and inspiration to make your garden a special place.