Hose Connectors

Improve the health of your lawn this year with our easy-to-use hose accessories. Explore our collection of hose pipe connectors, spray guns and fitting sets to boost the functionality of your garden watering systems.

Made with anti-splash technology and a frost-proof design, our connectors ensure a water-tight connection between your garden hose and tap. Say goodbye to splashing, spraying and unwanted drips with our reliable built-in water stops.

No matter how complex your watering needs are, we’ve got the hose accessory for you. Our tap connectors with multiple channels and controllers make it easier than ever to keep large gardens hydrated.

Built-in stoppers cut off water supplies when hoses are disconnected, reducing water waste and minimising fuss. For maximum protection and tidy aesthetics, keep spare attachments in a shed or storage box when not in use.

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