Shears & Loppers

Prune thick shrubbery easily with our garden shears and loppers. Designed with sharp, hard-wearing cutters, our stainless-steel hand tools are easy to use and built to last.

Loppers are perfectly equipped for cutting thick branches and hard-to-reach shrubbery. An extended handle allows you to trim smaller trees and large bushes without ladders.

Garden shears come in all sizes to suit your gardening needs. Use small shears for delicate foliage and fresh produce to prevent damage to fragile stems. Larger or extended shears are best used on thick twigs and offshoots.

Our shears and loppers come with comfortable rubber grips to make even the toughest of cuts feel simple. Tempered steel blades are easy to sharpen and minimise cutting effort on thick overgrowth.

Explore our collection of shears and loppers to manage your garden today.

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