Forks & Spades

Beautifully finished with stainless steel and glossy hardwood handles, our garden forks and spades are ideal for all your digging, breaking and planting needs.

Perfect for loosening and turning over soil, our garden forks can be used for planting new shrubbery or harvesting ground vegetables. They can also be used for mulching flower beds, mixing compost piles and aerating soil.

Spades are best used for edging, digging holes and cutting into sod cleanly. With a rectangular edge, they can divide perennials and help separate lawn areas. Our ground breaker spades have curved edges, making digging easier and more refined.

Made with stainless steel and hardwood handles, our garden forks and spades are weather-resistant and durable. Store indoors for maximum protection from the elements and to prolong the sharpness of the stainless-steel edges.

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