Rattan Care & Maintenance


Thank you for Purchasing from Harts Furniture

We hope you enjoy your new garden furniture. If you have any questions or queries please see below, for anything else please contact us at:  sales@hartsfurniture.co.uk


General Advice & Maintenance

Synthetic PE Rattan requires no maintenance, unlike natural wicker. To keep the furniture looking as new we would recommend using a cover whenever possible. 

During the autumn and winter months, please store your cushions indoors to keep them dry. If the cushions get dirty they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can also wash them in the washing machine on a cold or 30c cycle.

We advise to use the parasol on sunny and calm days. Please do not use a parasol when it's windy or gusty. 


Keeping your furniture safe

Your garden furniture is designed for you to use outdoors, however this does not mean it will be resilient to every natural event. 

Intense Sunshine
Although rare in the UK, if there are days of extreme heat and sunshine, we would recommend covering your furniture whenever possible. If the sun is very hot, overtime the harmful uv rays could damage the furniture.

Make sure no wine or drink glasses or crystal are left on your table for long periods of time. Always clear away any glasses after eating. Any reflective glass that might concentrate sun light on to the furniture could potentially damage the rattan. Please also avoid hanging any reflective ornaments nearby.


Windy days
If you have a parasol, please avoid using it in windy days. You should always put away the parasol when not in use. Please do not leave it open over night.

During the winter please use a rain cover. This will help secure your furniture as one unit, this will also stop individual pieces being moved by the wind. If you live in a windy place, consider storing your furniture or glass table top indoors.


Heavy Rain
Rattan furniture is water-resistant. In the autumn and winter, the cushions need to be kept indoors otherwise they will get damp. 

When using a rain cover, you should try to position your furniture so the rain has a place to escape. Try not to allow large pools of water to gather on top of the rain cover. This could potentially damage or stretch the rain cover.


Animals & Insects
Although this is extremely rare, animals and insects can sometimes damage garden furniture. Try not to leave large bits of food on the furniture that might attract animals and insects.


How to Clean your Rattan Furniture


Artificial rattan is very easy to clean. All you need is a soft brush, a soft cloth, some warm soapy water and a hose or bucket of clean water.

  1. Remove all the cushions to a clean place
  2. Brush off any excess dirt, leaves, mud, etc
  3. Wipe the rattan with the cloth of warm soapy water
  4. Wipe or hose with clean water then allow the furniture to dry

Please avoid harsh chemicals or scrubbing pads


Most cushion covers from our sets can be removed and washed. They can be hand washed or machine washed at 30c on a gentle cycle. The cushion covers should be dried indoors or in the shade. The cushion covers should not be exposed to heat as this would damage the waterproof membrane.


How to Store you Rattan Furniture


Our Rattan Furniture is weather proof and designed to sit outdoors. However like everything else you might own, the more you look after your furniture the longer it will last. We advise to use a rain cover to protect it whenever possible.



Our cushions are water-resistant, however if large puddles of water sits on the cushions it will eventually seep through. We recommend storing them somewhere dry and clean when possible. During the autumn and winter months please allow the cushions to dry and store them indoors. If cushions are stored outdoors during the autumn/winter, they could get damp and damaged.


Q & A’s

I am missing something from my furniture set?

Please make sure all the boxes are open and no pieces are left either at the front or inside your property. For any cushions please check right under each piece of furniture. Sometimes the cushion can be stuffed right under and they can be easily missed. It’s best to turn the furniture upside down to double check. If you are still missing items please contact us.


Can I keep my Rattan Furniture Set outside all year round?

Rattan Furniture can be left outside all year round however we will always recommend covering it up and taking the cushions in especially during the wet and colder months. Please make sure the cushions are thoroughly dry before storing them away.


Do I need a Furniture Cover?

Using a rain cover will prolong your furniture's life and help protect it against the elements.


How to get rid of mould from cushion covers?

Cushions get mouldy if left in humid conditions especially during the winter under the furniture cover. If you do happen to get mouldy cushions please follow these simple steps.

  1. Remove the cushion covers
  2. Spray mild mould remover or vinegar onto the covers and leave for a few minutes
  3. Pop them in the washing machines on a gentle cycle on a cold or 30c wash
  4. Allow to air dry indoors or in the shade