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When Does British Summertime Start?

British summertime is when summer officially begins in the UK. When the weather warms up, everything in our garden comes to life, including us! There’s nothing better than relaxing outdoors with family and friends, perched on comfy rattan with a drink in hand.

Luxury BBQ Food Ideas

Looking for something a little different than the standard burgers and sausages for this year’s BBQ?

Here are 10 luxury BBQ food recipes you and your guests will adore!

How To Clean Rattan Furniture

Rattan garden furniture is known for its simplicity and low maintenance. Unlike metal or wooden tables that need frequent re-sealing, rattan weaves are strong, sturdy and built to last.

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Gardening is either a hobby or a chore. Some people love getting outdoors to de-weed or jetwash the patio. For others, the thought of cleaning the garden furniture brings about a sense of dread!

Having a low maintenance garden is a good idea for so many reasons. Perhaps you’re renting a place, styling a holiday home, or just don’t have the time (or patience!) for gardening all summer long.

Front Garden Design Ideas

Having a nice front garden isn’t all about its size. You’ll often find the most impressive front gardens are small, simple and expertly use all available space.

Making minor tweaks to your front garden can make a big difference to your kerb appeal. But choosing the perfect design isn’t just about aesthetics.

How To Create A Boho Garden

When people refer to bohemian décor, they usually mean creating a style that’s inspired by different cultures, fashions and ways of life.

The décor primarily revolves around nature, which is why you often find boho themes include plants, greenery and natural-looking accessories.

If you need inspiration on how to create a boho garden in your home, here’s everything you need to know to get started!

Making the most of small gardens – Space saving furniture

If you have a small garden we have some handy tips to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

Spring is coming!! Time to get your garden back in to shape

Spring is coming and its time to get your garden back in to shape.

The windy and cold days are coming to an end and its now time to start planning on what to do in your garden.

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